We welcome you to join rero EDUteam in our vision to
Bring Robotics and Coding to the Masses 

~Check out the description of each role and click the button to apply.~

Jr Facilitator

Jr Facilitators are student leaders nominated by their teacher or trainer. They have completed the course; and are thus well-equipped with the know-how and experience to guide their peers in a one-to-one or small group setting.

Certified Instructor (Bronze)

Certified Instructors are experienced educators who have attended ZOOM:BIT product training session (either online or in person) and are familiar with MakeCode Editor. They are confident to teach robotics and coding using ZOOM:BIT kit.

Certified Coach (Silver)

Certified Coaches are educators who have successfully trained at least 3 students to complete the course and become Jr Facilitators. 

Master Trainer (Gold)

Master Trainers are educators who not only train students but are also empowering fellow educators. They have trained and mentored at least 3 coaches.

Training Partners

Training Partners comprise of private learning centres, NGOs/community hubs and also free-lance trainers who provide (free and/or paid) training using ZOOM:BIT kit. Fill out the application form or contact us if you would like to be listed.

rero EDUteam @ Cytron HQ

rero EDUteam is the education arm of Cytron Technologies. Our vision is to bring robotics and coding to the masses. We are passionate about making quality robotics and coding education available, affordable and attainable for all children regardless of their backgrounds.

WW Kong is the engineering whiz who designed REKA:BIT board. 
SC Lim is the project lead who oversees every single detail from the conception of ZOOM:BIT to its production.
Cheryl  is the lead author of ZOOM:BIT book. A TESL grad, she learns coding on the job and insists that learning should be FUN! 
Adrian is the genius behind ZOOM:BIT promo videos. A maker at heart, he is passionate about making projects and mentoring youths.
Suhana is our creative designer who brought Adam, Anna, and ZOOM:BIT characters to life.
Alhamed loves to explore new things and share his experience with fellow makers. Kudos to Alhamed for the ZOOM:BIT video tutorial series!
Anna is our Strategic Communication Fresh-Grad, taking ZOOM:BIT to the Social Media Spotlight!
ZOOM:BIT Community